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Care for coreproducts
At Duynie Group, everything is focused on getting value out of organic co-products from the food, beverages or biofuel industry.  Duynie is worldwide active in the utilisation of co-products as core products. 

Its mission is to utilise the full potential of co-products.  In a world where resources are becoming scarce and society increasingly demands sustainability in all areas and operations, its goal is to transform co-products into core products.  To achieve this, Duynie’s mission statement is care for core products!
Key facts:
  • Duynie Group collects co-products from a wide range of processing companies in the European food, beverages and bio-fuel industry. Thus taking care of their co-products and providing it’s customers with useful raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.
  • Duynie, Responsible Feeding delivers high quality moist feed to livestock farmers (dairy cattle, pigs, goats and beef cattle).
  • Duynie Ingredients provides smart, sustainable and responsible ingredients of organic origin to the pet food industry.
  • AgriBioSource (Renewables) is active in the marketing of biomass as a raw material for the generation of energy.
  • Novidon (Modified Starch) specialises in processing and upgrading side-stream starch.  Its products are applied in different industries, such as paper, drilling and mining, paper sack, labelling, textile and wall covering industry.  Novidon manufactures various kinds of adhesives and other derivatives, and operates production sites in Nijmegen (NL), Wrexham (UK), Hodiskov (CZ) and Veurne (B). Sales offices are located in The Netherlands and Moscow.
  • Duynie Innovations develops, together with its partners, innovative products based on co-products and constantly pushes boundaries to identify new opportunities outside Duynie’s day to day activities.
For more details: www.duyniegroup.com