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Dietary fibres important for health and well-being

21 August 2012
More and more consumers seem to be aware that a good diet is important for their health and well-being and are cutting down on the excessive fat, salt and sugar often found in prepared foods. But sometimes they don't get enough of some substances, such as dietary fibres. Inulin is such a fibre. It is extracted from chicory roots and can be used in many foodstuffs to increase their fibre content.
Inulin producer Sensus commissioned a survey of consumers in seven western countries to find out more about their knowledge, or lack of knowledge, about dietary fibres, why they chose particular products and what they thought about their own eating habits.
Who opts for additional dietary fibres?
  • Consumers who are already concerned about their health and physical condition pay more attention to the dietary fibres in their food
  • More often than not, these people are women, older than 45 and live in southern Europe
  • Partners without children and partners with an 'empty nest' are more likely to buy products with a high fibre content.
Consumers may be aware of the importance of dietary fibres in their food, but they are often unwilling to improve their eating habits even if they know they are not consuming enough fibre. They are more inclined to switch to a similar product that has been enriched with added fibres.
More information on the survey carried out by Datamonitor Consulting and on inulin can be found at www.sensus.nl/fiber-enrichment.