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Water from beet used in Nieuw Prinsenland greenhouses

11 December 2012
A water factory is being built at the Suiker Unie site in Dinteloord. Purified process water from the sugar factory will be used to water the plants in the greenhouses in Nieuw Prinsenland. The factory will come on stream in mid-April 2013.
Rainfall will meet about 85% of the greenhouse growers' water requirements. The remaining 15% will come from the water treatment factory. Some 270,000m³ of purified process water is expected to be converted into 200,000m³ of water for the greenhouses every year.
Project manager of the Nieuw Prinsenland Agro & Food Cluster, Paul Hagens, explains: “Normally, purified process water is discharged into the river. The new factory will use membrane filters to remove salts from the water so that it is suitable for plants. The salts will remain in the water that is discharged into the river.”
Apart from the water factory, a central facility will be built at the site to store the water in a basin or in the ground. Which of the two options is more suitable is still being studied.
The entire project is being carried out under the responsibility of the TOM (horticultural development company). It aims at implementing sustainable horticulture at Nieuw Prinsenland. TOM's managing director, Piet Janmaat, is enthusiastic: “Suiker Unie provides water from sugar beet that TOM can store for when the greenhouse growers need it. They won't need to pump up groundwater or use river water.”