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Fibres make a network: BetaFib

31 October 2014
BetaFib ® is a micro-cellulose fibre made from vegetable residual flows. It can be used in paints and liquid detergents as an emulsifier that prevents the separation of components. This innovative product has been developed by Cosun Biobased Products in Roosendaal.
BetaFib ® forms a gossamer-thin network when at rest. It catches fine particles that remain in suspension, as it were, to create a homogenous substance, comparable to a dressing with small pieces of vegetable in suspension. It can form a network and catch particles even in very small doses. When it is disturbed it becomes a liquid again and can be poured or absorbed.
Cosun Biobased Products has produced small batches of BetaFib at its pilot plant in Roosendaal. Production will be scaled up in 2015.

The website of Dutch Biorefinery Cluster contains more information on this project and others to develop and turn knowledge of agricultural raw materials into valuable innovations.